My Story

Rebellion of Ideas,
Daring of Execution,
Innovation of Reform.

Every journey has its mysterious story. I faced plethora of challenges to become what I am today. Let’s find this challenges out!

Start to University

I was born in July 1998. The fascinating period of childhood to adolescence was full of excitement and the discovery of new worlds, and busy parents were so supportive that neither competition nor personal challenges bothered me. I was trying to get to my best position and learn individual skills.

From the beginning, education was very important to my parents. I tried to be the best I could be. From the beginning of high school, I studied hard and learned many lessons from personal and studying balance, which I’m trying to apply in my life. Reading new and varied fields and collecting what might be practical for someone else was one of my outstanding habits of that period that gave me a new spirit.

Starting as an applied science student was not a reason for me to become a doctor because of social circumstances and family interests. Being in an entrepreneur family as a child, and friends’ guidance led me to questions that could be answered in the Economics major. Unlike many students who were not attracted to this field, I was so determined to study economics at Shahid Beheshti University that even some challenges in the university entrance exam couldn’t keep me in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. January 2019 was the beginning of my studying at Shahid Beheshti University. Since then, in addition to economic studies, I have learned new personal skills.

Career Path

My incipient project was in high school. I’ve started participating in Startup Weekends as a graphic designer and coding our high school’s website. Experiences that introduced me to teamwork and the production process, and was reason to expand my knowledge in web programming and CMS’s like WordPress. After some experiences in organizational consulting in Rabin Rasan Advertising Company, and compiling my first comprehensive report on nutrition and health as a “The sense of Happiness”, at the end of high school I became a board member of the “Bozorgmehr Agricultural-Biotechnology Cooperative”. After the national university entrance exam, due to psychological studies and the compilation of the consulting and planning book “My Konkur“, I helped the students to overcome the challenges of this exam as a “counselor of the entrance exam” for a while.

In February 2018, I began looking for research-executive positions that were appropriate to my characteristics. I started the summer of 2019 by going to various companies and ministries to apply for internship positions. In those internships, I was assigned some non-sense works to get disappointed and I held some intense meetings and met some challenging deadlines. The appeal of the story was that the harder it was to get the job done, the more time I put for it and the better I tried to deliver it.

After writing several articles for “FUM” and “SBU” journals, I began my first professional project by studying the future of B2C and plastic industries for the “Global Business Rejuvenation Company, under the supervision of Professor Nejati Gilani. Then I became interested in energy, and at the same time I was conducting market research for “Iran Oil Exploration Operations Company”, I came across “Farabi FinTech Accelerator”. In addition to taking the Digital Marketing course in “Farabi”, I saw the opportunity to experience the executive field and the experience of organizational work. By joining the operational team, I spent a few months organizing events, content production, and coordinating some internal activities. In the meantime, I thought about personal branding, and with the advice of my friends at advertising agencies, we came across the “tavangarx” brand. A name that was not only my global user ID but also an organized platform for disseminating my knowledge and ideas. These executive-scientific activities provided me with the opportunity to work on the idea of the new structure for SBU’s “Center for Applied-Islamic Economics” for a while, in addition to holding the new entrances ceremony for the Faculty of Economics.

After experiencing the busy summer of 2019 in the field of oil and startups, and cooperating in holding the “SUMIX” event in November and giving a speech at the the “Creative Mornings event, in late autumn, at the same time as joining the “Biblofil” startup team as CFO, I got obsessed with accelerating my career path to continue my career in business management. As I entered the field of startup evaluation and investment field, and short-term activity as a member of the marketing team of “Exarea”  Exhibition Company, I found myself in need of retraining. So I applied for some prestigious consulting firms. In those days I encountered some tough decisions that were critical for my career and made me face some challenges that forced me to learn continuously. Learning, that gave me a better perspective of my own needs and abilities, So I took an intensive internship course in the summer of 2019 at “ILIA Corporation“. The summer began with Hosting the “TEDx Tehran” event and continued with full-time research and market research at “ILIA Corporation”. Where I experienced intense team work, that audited the Procure” Petroleum Equipment retailer Company, and after a startups brand audit project, designed and implemented the “10 A.M. Podcast” advertising campaign.

In the spring of 2019, after much discussion with my friends at Sharif University of Technology, we decided that it would be better to start a company to use our scientific and executive capacities. After tens of hours of discussion, we designed an organization, and we registered “Riva Growth Solution in September of that year. With the support of national elites, we have sought to provide the right, accurate, and innovative responses to interdisciplinary challenges of businesses. In this way, I joined the Iranian Management Association, as one of the youngest members, which provided me a suitable platform for sharing ideas and experiences. Following my studies at the SBU, I participated in several activities such as “Teacher Assistant” at the Faculty of Economics. An opportunity that, in collaboration with professors and students, gave me a new experience of management. After creating the organizational structures of “Riva” and implementing several projects such as “Sakha” (comprehensive white paper of the I.R.I automotive industry), “Newsha” (design and implementation of Riva site and social media networks), “Basir” (Riva excellency internship program), and “RWG” (comprehensive training on white paper writing), I found myself in need of retraining and entering more specialized research. Thus, I deepened my knowledge by taking the courses “Basics of Entrepreneurship” and “Basics of Blockchain” at Sharif University of Technology and the online courses “Blockchain” and “Gamification” at New York State University.

The Path of Tomorrow

Looking back, I see that I’ve had many opportunities that I’d ignored to reach this position. Establishment of a startup, Scholarship of the best management school in Iran, Product manager position of a start-up company, Executive management of the largest media startup data analysis media in the country. Opportunities that may have some benefits and experience in the short term, but they prevent me from learning and gaining a better future experience.

Now, after learning skills such as management, leadership, lecturing, and communication, along with Riva’s leadership, Bozorgmehr’s development and studying economics, I have focused on infrastructure studies and looking for strategies to improve the organization’s performance and gamifying development processes, technical studies, economic applications, and implementation of the Blockchain Technology. A path that, along with my other interests in the fields of energy, management consulting, social security, psychology, literature, philosophy, and investment, can be a clue to the future.

I find myself at the beginning of a path that is as unknown, scary, and fascinating to me as it was to my childhood. I still want to run and learn. To see and hear. Get guidance and help. And I want to see that the world is a better place to live.

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