What Do I Do For Our Future?

As a multidisciplinary researcher, I do fundamental and practical research that integrates data, techniques, tools, perspectives, and concepts from diverse disciplines to advance fundamental understanding of the business challenges or to find “solutions.” After experiencing some executive positions in a various range of fields, and implementing my specializations in business analysis, economic evaluation, economics of art and behavioral economics, team leadership, marketing, gamification, and private equity areas, now I’ve concentrated my study field on blockchain technology, machine learning, and their utilization in different areas such as energy and agriculture sector and new advanced developmental concerns.

Explore The World

In this era of technology, there are more answers than questions, they’re just awaiting us to find them. Specifically when we have scientific and academical  perspective. The important part is asking the right questions to have a better understanding of the world and find the best solution for our challenges. 

If you agree, maybe it’s good for us to discuss your need to find the best advancement path.

My Specializations

Business Analysis




Machine Learning


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